In addition to farming, Llananant is a space for learning and development.   We work with local schools to develop and provide workshops and longer programmes, especially for young people with additional learning needs or who are disengaged from the conventional curriculum. 

We also host events, workshops and residential conferences, as well as social gatherings & celebrations. In May, we hosted and facilitated a conference exploring women and leadership. The follow up conference called Making Shi(f)t Happen is open to women and men to explore issues around gender, leading, organising and learning, to respond to the pressing needs of our time.  For academics and writers, we're editing a special issue of Gender in Management in association with these conferences, details in the sidebar. 

Llananant Farm is a wonderful place for teams to explore complex issues in a different setting.  Einstein said "You can't solve a problem with the same thinking that created it". We agree; so we provide the kind of spaces we talked about in our book,  Leading Change: a guide to whole systems working, to enable people to meet differently for more creative, generative and animating conversations, inspired by this rich and diverse environment.  We can provide coaching and facilitation to support conversations on strategy, leadership, culture, governance and new architectures for organisational learning.