Built in 1721, Llananant Farm has been part of this lovely landscape for nearly 300 years.  People who come here to visit invariably comment on how welcoming, peaceful and restorative they find it here.  We think it has something to do with the way the farm nestles in its surroundings, offering a wonderful variety of space - the hills and the valleys, the ancient coppiced woodlands, the streams and ponds, the old, flower rich meadows, the gardens and orchards.   Our family has lived here since 2001 and, in that time, we've converted to organic status, introduced permaculture and ecologically sensitive practices for sympathetic stewardship of this precious place.  

Sue is a researcher, writer and consultant in leadership, change and sustainable development, in the complexity and 'whole systems' traditions.  She runs a small consulting and coaching practice and is an honorary Research Associate at University College, London.  Whilst on the face of it, they may seem very different,  it's not too hard to find the mutually beneficial relationships between her work on and off the farm.   Tim is a teacher and educational leader of thirty years standing.  He started out as a PE and geography teacher, then specialising in working with children and young people with special educational needs.   A country lad through and through, he is keenly interested in developing physical and mental health through yoga, Pilates and exercise in the natural environment.  Sue and Tim share expertise - from their different backgrounds and experiences - in coaching, for development, performance, transitions and change.  

In a rather romantic tale they will happily share over a glass or two, Sue and Tim first met as students at UWC Atlantic College in 1979, and got together after a short gap of 35 years, marrying in 2016, surrounded by their children, families and friends, on Llananant Farm.